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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Progress and A Mystery

I'm making good progress on my Carol Doak class project. All the paper piecing is done and I'm starting to put the center sections together. This will finish about 26"x26".

Carol Doak has created another mystery quilt for her Yahoo Group. A small, intimate group of about 7400 quilters. I wasn't going to do it because.... You know the saying, "I'm not starting any new projects until I get some other stuff done!". Yeah, that saying. BS to that! I'm doing this one!

The fabric requirements and cutting instructions have been posted so I went shopping in my stash, pulling these fabrics. They were intended for something else but I think they will be perfect for this. So I am using them. I spend last night cutting and cutting and now I am ready for the first clue.

I'd really like to have my class project done before she posts it on Tuesday but she is know to post a day early. I better get the next load of laundry going so I can get back in my room.


Cathy said...

I'm still loving those storm at sea blocks, and the fabrics you picked for your mystery, as well. I like Carol's patterns, but haven't ever done one, so far.

Nancy said...

You are making wonderful progress: the blocks look great together.

Can't wait to see your mystery blocks in the fabrics you've selected.

Mary said...

No time for Mystery's for me...Glad you get to do one! It's been a long time since I got to.