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Monday, November 30, 2009

Finish # 20 and Quilts For Kids

Back on July 15, I wrote a post called Inspiration. I talked about "meeting" Debby at Quilty Pleasures. She had challenged herself to finish 50 quilts this year. So I counted my quilts that I've finished this year. July 15th I was working on finish #12. Tonight I finished # 20.

Oh I've done a whole lot more, I just haven't finished-quilting and binding- them all. winka winka Hopefully I will have a bigger number before the new year gets here.

This bright cute quilt is from a kit from Quilts For Kids. I signed up for a kit, they sent it to me, it took a couple hours to sew the top and I finished it tonight and right now it is in the washer with the purple disappearing 9 patch so I can mail both quilts to Quilts For Kids. All they ask is that you make the one they send you and make another one from your fabrics. Quilt, bind, wash and send both--or more--quilts to them.

If you are as blessed with your family as I am with mine, please take the time to make a couple quilts for Quilts for Kids. Just go to this website and click on Volunteer.

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Diane said...

OH my gosh, I ordered one of those a few weeks ago.. I have to go right downstairs and get it out, or I will forget about it. thanks for the reminder! geeze-louise, I'm losing it!