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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hat Models

Shopping on Black Friday?? No, not for me, especially not the day after Thanksgiving. No way, no how!!! Not going anywhere! I hope, if you did venture out for the bargains, you got what you went for without stress or fuss.

We had a great Thanksgiving with most of the family here. Lots of chatting, catching up and kids laughing and playing. I wish it would work out so everyone could be here but sometimes it just doesn't.

I finished knitting 2 more hats and had to have my special hat model pose with them. The girl does love the hats! The pink one is for great granddaughter Jaelynn and the gray/pink is for Taylor. (The button really goes on the side.) I'm waiting for pictures of the other hats on their owners. I hate it when I forget to take pictures of my projects!

I'm still knitting up my 2nd sock-working on the foot-just 2 more pattern repeats then on to the toe! I have my yarn ready to start the next pair. I have the next hat on the needles to work on when I want to pay attention to what's on tv.

Today I am doing laundry and getting ready to quilt 2 quilts. But first, I must continue working on organizing my sewing room. 2 bins and then I can quilt!!! Good plan Mike!


Diane said...

I thought I would do some quilting today, but just too pooped from yesterday. It's nice to have a quiet day after a busy one. The models (and their hats) are beautiful.

Judy S. said...

Cute hats and cute models, Judy. I especially like the pink flowered one!