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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


As I cruise around blogland, I find inspiration all over the place. Recently I "met" Debby at Quilty Pleasures. Debby has challenged herself to have 50 finishes for the year. I was impressed with how close she is to her goal. She is at number 30! That is amazing.

I went through my blog posts for the year and tallied my quilt finishes. I have finished 12 of my own quilts, including 5 of the 9 I have started this year. 1 of the 9 is a BOM that I am current on and 3 are in the waiting to be quilted pile. I have quilted 10 quilts for other people. Out of my UFO bin, I have completed 2 tops that are ready to be quilted and I have several small projects that I've done but didn't count. That UFO bin is looking pretty good right now. I hope I can keep this pace up. I'd really like to start 2010 with an almost empty bin (being realistic here!).

Today is sewing at Marian's and I have my Christmas red work to finish. The binding is on, I just need to stitch it down and sew on the buttons and a few stars and snowflakes that with be the quilting. I think I will call this project Number 13! Thanks Debby. :-)

I was feeling like I haven't accomplished much this year but now I feel like I've done very well! Now if I could just figure out what to do with this boat that my darling father thought I needed. I think I'm going to have hubby fix it so it sits level, fill it with dirt and plant it with wild flowers! I miss having a boat full of flowers.


Judy S. said...

Impressive finish record, Judy! As for the boat-flower box, go for it; I turned a handcrank icecream maker into one and love it! Of course, that was a tad smaller.....

debby said...

Thanks for 'blogging' me. Good luck with your quilts. Be sure to show us your finished pieces!

Dena said...

Hey Judy, I like your way of thinking! Maybe I should go take a peak at my UFOs.

Mrs Quilty said...

You have accomplished so much! Wow, I'm impressed! You keep me inspired and excited to keep on, keeping on!!! A boat filled with flowers sounds gorgeous and so unique! Great idea!