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Monday, November 30, 2009

Design Wall-Week 26

26 Weeks of Design Wall Monday! That's awesome!! Thanks to Judy L. at Patchwork Times for starting this. It has kept me really motivated for the most part. This week, my design wall has the very same things on it as last week. But I've been busy, just not design wall busy.

I am finally in the mood to quit and had a goal for Saturday to quilt 3 baby quilts and at least load 1 big quilt. You all know how plans and goals work......goals are good, plans need to be realistic. I quilted the disappearing 9 patch first. Then I had to sit down and sew on the binding. May as well machine stitch that binding down and be finished with it. That wasn't in the original plan but I'm glad I did it.

Then I loaded on the another baby quilt. It has a bright orange back and bright lime, orange and yellow top. I had some orange thread so I decided I would just use it. Oh dear, it did not quilt nice at all! So I unloaded it and started to unquilt. I should have just loaded on quilt 3 and saved the unquilting for later but there was a movie starting.......you know the rest of the story. I got it unquilted and then I was finished for the day!

Bring about Sunday morning, I loaded up quilt 3 and started quilting. All of the sudden it was finished. I sewed the binding on and machine finished it. Today I am going to reload quilt 2, get it finished and quilt a big quilt. Then I have another big quilt to do and then another and another and another...

I started knitting a hat for Ian. I'm still working on my sock. It should be finished this week. Maybe!!!


Diane said...

You got a lot accomplished! I have that same problem sometimes, thinking a thread will work and then nah, don't like it! I usually start quilting and will almost know immediately that "this is not good". But dang, I don't want to have to unsew...so I'll go a little more (maybe this will grow on me). Nope, and now I have twice as much to rip out.
I love your 9-patch with the sashing around each block, very nice, will have to remember that.

Gari in AL said...

I understand about unquilting. I started a flannel quilt this morning and the first row looks terrible. I got the tension settled down so I am going to finish it and then take out the first row and redo it. Right now I am taking a break: the computer made me do it. lol