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Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Plans

Busy, busy day for me so far today. Now I am taking a little blog break. This weekend Judy L at Patchwork Times is hosting another Quiltaton and I am planning on quiltatoning. I started my Quiltaton this morning. I have a plan that I am hoping works out for me.

The first quilt is one I finished this morning for my friend Marian. She found this cute fabric and made 2 small quilts from it and I donated my quilting time to her. She is a special lady and is very generous with her charity quilts. Click the photo to enlarge it and see how stinkin' cute that fabric is!

First thing this morning, after a few household chores and before finishing Marian's quilt, I worked on my bear paw top. I'd like the top finished this weekend. I sat down and sewed half square triangles together for a border.

I sewed the top and bottom border on, then sewed on a side border. When I looked at it, It looked weird. So I looked at the instructions and actually read them. I already knew I blew the size of the half square triangles. I was trying again to be an over acheiver--will I ever learn?--so I made a bunch of 2" HSTs. Then the instrucions come (after someone even warned me they may not be the same size) and said 3" HSTs. Being the rebel that I am (Ha!), I decided to use what I have made. No problem.

Then the weirdness at the corner. After looking closely at Judy's picture, I see I have them sewn wrong. I am not taking them off, I will leave them and call it a design decision. :-) I took the corner HSTs off and added a background square. It looks fine, just different from Judy's. Yes, a design decision.

So my plan for the weekend is this:
Finish Marian's quilt, put the remaining 3 borders on bear paw, load and quilt Crystal's green and pink quilt, make UFO #2 into a complete top.

Dinner is going to be bbq chicken pizza. Now I am going to make me some lunch and then load a quilt.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I like your design decision - sometimes those turn out to be best. Nice quilts - and nice of you to donate your quilting to your friend's quilt. Have fun!!!

Sue H said...

Yay!!! I'm glad I have company in the "original HST size" category! Yours turned out just lovely, so maybe there's still hope for me! Yup, it wasn't a mistake -- it was a DESIGN DECISION!!! I love it.