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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Starts and Stops

Lots of starts and stops this week. Not only in Crystal's quilt (which I just finished quilting) but in my general sewing the last few days. This is a beautiful quilt. I should be like my girls and ask if I can have it? Crystal, did you make this for ME??? That's how they do it. And I usually say yes.
It seems that every time I sit down to sew, someone calls, someone comes over or we need to leave. I'm not complaining--everything I have done the last few days has been fun!
Before quilting today, I made wheat bread from a recipe that Judy L of Patchwork Times shared today. OMG is it ever delicious. She uses fresh ground wheat, I used wheat flour out of a bag. My bread was awesome and this will be my wheat bread recipe from now on. Thank you Judy.
I think it's time for jammies and a good book. Tomorrow is sewing day at Marian's and I have all my things ready to go. It's supposed to be a nasty, rainy day so it will be a great day to spend with friends.

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