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Monday, March 09, 2009

Do All The Math

The other day, I was bragging about having leftover half square triangles from my bear paw blocks to use in my depression block quilt. When will I learn to do the math? Not just some of the math but all the math. When you make 12 bear paw blocks with 16 half square triangles in each block, that equals 192 HSTs. I thought I was pretty clever making 252 of those little buggers.
Last night I was showing Hubby my blocks and I started thinking about the border. Judy used a whole lot of HSTs and the amount I had left after my blocks is only a drop in the bucket for a border and none for my other quilt. I love the look of the borders on her quilt so I sat down this morning and made up a bunch more papers and have been making HSTs and watching the snow fall.
I am not feeling any pressure this morning to do anything. The bed has been changed, laundry is started and I'm staying in the house.


Piecefulafternoon said...

I like that border - not so crazy about the fabrics in her bear paws - but that won't be your quilt anyway. LOL I love the fabrics in your bear paws.

It is still snowing here - and the wind is swirling around a lot. Wish it would melt and be spring already!!

Teresa said...

Love that lime & butterfly fabric in your stash quilt! And your bears paws a coming along great...

Teresa said...

And Congrates on the new baby, Gramma!!! They grow so fast!