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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Will Not Be A UFO!!!

Remember back in Febraury? I know, that was last month and for my mind a long time ago. Well, I started Quiltville Bonnie's Strip Twist aka Super Bowl Twist because it was the project for Super Bowl Sunday. I started the quilt on February 1 and today I quilted it and will put the binding on it after dinner tonight. I'll stitch the binding down tomorrow at Sewing at Marian's.

I ordered some thread the other day from Columbia River Quilting. I love ordering from them, not only are they local, they are fast with their shipping. You know how it is when you are browsing around a webstore, you find things you need/want?? I've wanted Suzanne R. Earley's book, Meandering Magic for quite a while so I ordered it.

When I opened the book, it opened to page 15. This shows how to do Ribbon Curls. How awesome is that. My fabric has curls on it and I knew I wanted to do something curly but didn't know what or how. It had to be a sign. So I got out my pad of paper and my pencil and started to doodle. Then I went it and loaded the quilt and started. I thinks it's not too bad for the first time doing it. And I love that it will be done soon and not be a UFO.
My next 2 projects for the longarm are 2 of Crystal's quilts. I'm such a good Mom!!! And Judy gave us the next clue today for the bear paw project. And March's UFO number will be assigned this evening. I think I'll be okay with having things to work on.
March 11 - The quilt is finished! Yeah for me!


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Nice stuff - you are a busy one - I'm a slug - just slowly plodding along on the plastic canvas stuff.

Wendy said...

Great work on finishing the strip twist - I like your color choices!

Michelle said...

The colors on your Strip Twist are absolutely gorgeous!