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Monday, June 23, 2008

Who Wanted Barkdust???

Why do I forget how much work it is to unload it? Why do I forget how out of shape I am? Why???

It sure looks nice once it's on the ground. Already my arm, shoulder, back, legs and other parts of my body are screaming! "You foolish ole broad! How could you do this to us!" I am saving the rest of the load until tomorrow. It has to be out of the pick up soon because it is going to get hot here and I don't work in the heat. I make sure my air conditioners keep working!

I like having the list to look at. It makes me be accountable to myself and all of you. Today I did half the barkdust, I worked on my string quilt and about 20 minutes on my sewing and cutting table. After dinner I plan to work some more but now I must go cook.

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