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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer is Here!

According to our thermometer, today reached 97.6 degrees. No more whining and bitching about the cold. We got us some summer! I got up early this morning to get a start on cooling the house. ACs were on, fans put into place. We did pretty good, it got up to 81 in the house but we were in and out alot this afternoon.

Hubby decided he needed to cook some blacken cajun salmon. That is a definate cook outside food so there were several trips in and out. Hot skillet, burn the butter in the skillet, drop in the buttered, seasoned fish. Oh yummy!!! He didn't do too bad for his first time. I'm sure we'll be having it again real soon. That's the way he is!

I love having the goal list. I did pretty good, not great, getting some things done. The barkdust is on the ground and I didn't die from it although I thought for a while that I might. I finished my string quilt top. I didn't touch my bargello back. Taylor was here from Tuesday through Friday so not much sewing time for me or her. We were busy doing other things. We had a nice day at Marian's and I didn't get much done in my sewing room cleaning. I've had clothes hanging on the clothesline every day (I conned my brother into helping me (doing it all) put up the new line. Taylor was kind of worried about our unders hanging outside, what if someone saw them??? I told her they shouldn't be looking for Gramma's unders and that seemed to be the OK answer.

I'll post my to do list Sunday or Monday. I have to finish getting the motor home ready for Hubby to take tomorrow. He'll be working out of town for a few weeks, coming home on the weekends. Hopefully I can dive into a major project and get it finished. Or I might spend all my time in my sewing room!

Stay cool.
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Sue said...

Poor lil' Uggy. He looks so uncomfortable. I understand Uggs... I don't do hot either.

It was great to see ya'll yesterday.