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Monday, June 23, 2008

A New Work Horse

No, not the 4 legged kind. I am not a horse person. I am a sewing machine person.

Today while I was cruising around craigslist, I found this almost new 60s Kenmore machine in the cabinet, with the chair. Great price, nice lady, local. The lady said her father bought it for her mother. Mother sewed on it a couple times, didn't enjoy sewing. Father took a sewing lesson and mended a few things. Then the lady decided she wanted to sew. She said she made one Halloweeen outfit and decided she wasn't meant to sew. How strange!

So after dinner, we rushed down and brought her home. After a cleaning and oiling, she purrs like new. I don't think the plate was ever taken off. There were a couple dust bunnies and that was all. There is some tape residue on the machine from yard sale pricing and I will gently work that off. There were no cams or accesories and I forgot to ask about them. So I called her back and left a message. I hope there are some, other wise I am going to have to shop.

I don't know who made machines for Kenmore. Do you?
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Sue said...

Wow! Kind of looks like Aunt Sharon's old Kenmore, doesn't it?

I'm thinking White was Kenmore back then.

By the way, the yard looks great! You're right, that bark dust will show you where you have muscles you had completely forgotten about.

Love ya,

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great sewing machine - I have one also (and no cams) but it sure does sew just about anything that you can throw at it - and the stitch on mine is the loveliest stitch I've ever seen, so straight and tidy. I'm pretty sure you can find the cams on ebay - or maybe ask on craigslist. I am amazed at what we've asked for on craigslist and had good results.

Your blog is super fun - love the Gramma Camp idea.

Mike, Crystal, Peanut, Maemae, Lelou and Corbin said...


For all your Kenmore/Sears sewing machine information :)

Who's the best SIL ever?