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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Days of Spring

The final days of spring are upon us. Thank goodness for that. I am so tired of the strange weather we have had. I am ready to start complaining about how hot it is! Really, I love the summer. After all these years out of school, I used feel cheated out of a summer vacation. Not any more! Cuz I don't have a job!!! Not one that brings in a paycheck anyhow.

Sunday was spent with family. It was the best Father's Day! Most everyone was here (we missed you Amanda and Ian!) and everyone played. Motorcycles, quads, "fire bike" (this is a little kid bicycle--the tires are hard rubber and there are flames for the tread--think like a 4 year old), wagon. If it had wheels, it was rolling. Jen made lasagna and everyone else contributed to an awesome dinner. You would think with all the activity around here, I would have more pictures. Nope, dark shadows and moving vehicles make for bad pictures from me. Where was my professional photographer and her fancy camera?

The garden is coming along nicely. I can't wait to give my dad some zucchini and tomatoes. Maybe a cuke or 2. Dee wants corn. I want some of everything!

Today I am going to pick up Ashlee, then we are going to stay with Elliot for a little bit and then go shopping. She is staying here for a few days of Camp Gramma. We are going to sew. She has a list of patterns and we will take it from there. I can't wait!

I have done a little more sewing. Taylor's dress if finished and so darn cute. I finished up the mini wall hanging that I blogged about here. It finished at 12 1/2" and is now hanging in my bathroom. I made myself a test pattern t shirt out of a vertical stripe knit. That shirt will NOT be worn off the property! But it fits and now I have a stack of t shirt fabric to cut out and sew together for me. I started another dishcloth and took my socks out of the bag and looked at them. Does that count for progress??? You bet it does!
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Sue said...

Ya know, I have a TON of tee shirt fabric. Share the pattern with your sister? Fire bike? You'll have splain that one Lucy.