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Monday, June 23, 2008

Goals For the Week

As I was cruising around blog land this morning, I came across The Golden Needle. She has a post called Goals for week!!! What a wonderful idea. So I am copying her and posting my own Goals for the Week.

1. Unload the pickup full of barkdust.
2. Work 15 to 30 minutes a day reorganizing my sewing room.
3. Continue to work on the UFO string block quilt to get it to quilting stage.
4. Finish the back for the bargello quilt.
5. The every day things--housework, laundry, cooking--you know, the fun stuff!
6. Of course, I have my Wednesday sewing at Marion's, the quick errands and Taylor is staying the rest of the week.

I think that is enough for the 1st week. Looks to be a pretty full week.

7. I almost forgot, I bought new line for my clothes line and that has to get strung ASAP so I can use it. I love dried outside sheets and towels..

In the photo, Taylor is showing the receiving blanket she made for their friend that is expecting a baby boy. We decided a couple weeks ago that we were going to have "Gramma Camp" and do some sewing. This is her first project and it turned out so cute. I only wish the picture showed the monkeys and the bananas better. She did most of the work on it. When we started to do the topstitching with one of the "fancy" stitches that looks like bananas, she turned it over to me. That took way too long to show progress.

On Thursday, we had Gramma Camp with Ashlee. She is making a dress. Hopefully she will get to sew more on it this week. It is going to be so cute. The Benges have a very full schedule and Gramma Camp will happen when it can. And if it can't, then Gramma will just sew the projects and the kiddos will still get to enjoy them.

Time to start the list. The washer is calling for it's 2nd load of the day. Have a great day.
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Anonymous said...

It so easy to stay on track when I make the list of things I want/need to accomplish. Your Kenmore looks like a great find, they just don't make them like that anymore.

Karen L