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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Hurrier I Go...

...The Behinder I Get!

My Gramma Maple used to say that all the time. She used to say alot of fun things. And most of them stuck in my mind. I guess I need to write them down before I really forget them. Sister Sue, we need to make a list.

Anyhow, I wanted snow. For 4 days the weather people had been telling me I was going to get some snow by morning. Why do I beleive them??? It took long 4 days to get here. I'm not complaining (no, really I'm not!) It is so pretty. I love to look outside and see the beauty. I have little birds that come on my deck for their treats. I hunker down, make soup, keep the fire going and do what I want to do. I am lucky, I don't have to leave my house.

I would like it to stay nice and pretty. Melt slow and be pretty. My darling hubby thinks otherwise. This is a time to play on the tractor. He gets to play on heavy equipment all day at work, why does he need to play at home! But I'm not complaining because I need to get out of my driveway tomorrow. Well, it's not the getting out that could be a problem, it's down hill, it's the getting in that makes me nervous. You see, I'm only a fan of Slip Slidin' Away when it isn't happening in my car. {I would add the utube thingie bobber that I linked to but 1--I don't know how and 2--I am on dial up and while I am typing this post, it still hasn't loaded on my computer!} Oh how I love Simon and Garfunkel!!! I am going to go buy myself a CD and remember the good ole days.

Next Tuesday I get to have carpal tunnel surgery. I really am kind of excited to have it done. I've been practicing doing things with only my left hand. Talk about hilarious! I won't go into details cuz you really don't want to know!

I'm trying to get my quilting obligations done. I'm in a birthday block swap and the first ones aren't due until the middle of March (we are a small group) but I want them ready to mail off. I have a couple of my quilts to get quilted and the backs need to be made.

But the biggie is mending. I hate to mend. So I let it pile up. That is really a dumb thing to do. Then it becomes a dreaded job. So this morning while folding clothes I came across 2 pair of my new pj pants (I buy mens when they are on clearance) and decided to sew the fly shut and then just kept on stitchin'. No, I do not want your pile! I will have another of my own one of these days!

Paul and Art still haven't downloaded. I am bummed. I may have to make a special trip into town. Later.
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Ruth said...

When I was folding my PJs tonight, I was remembering how my MIL used to buy mens PJs because she said they were more comfortable! I was wondering if I should do that. Why do you buy mens PJs?

JENNY @ jennybandco.blogspot.com said...

Very pretty mom!! All we had was rain =(
See my blog for where I (and probably you too) would RATHER be than here!!!
Do you need anything on Tuesday? Jsut let me know!
xoxo JB