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Friday, January 04, 2008

For Once In My Life...

...I want to be one of those overacheivers! Just once! I tried, honestly I did. I am going to give up. I will no longer strive to be an overacheiver. I'm done. I'm going back to my old ways. Just work on stuff when you want to. Don't try to keep up with the fun mystery quilt that people all over the world are working on. Go ahead, screw up a simple direction by not paying attention to the cutting instructions. It doesn't matter that you have the first 4 steps complete before step 5 is published. Then when it is published, why not mess up on step 5??? When you get done with my way of doing step 5, you'll have 100 quarter square triangles just like mine.

The instructions clearly state to cut your strips 2" wide. Did I see that? NOPE! I have 1 1/2" strips stuck in my brain. So I grab my little pile of already cut light colored strips, cut up the rest of my light fabric, cut up some more of my red and cut my little triangles like a crazy woman. Yip, I will become an overacheiver!

It's a good thing I can get to my Joann's Store in less than 30 minutes. I have to go buy some more fabric. I have been hoarding black and white fat quarters for almost a year. Then Bonnie comes up with this mystery and I want to play along and I want to make my black and white quilt with an accent of one red fabric. Why one red??? Because when I found this cute fabric, I ended up with 4 fat quarters. Why 4??? Because I forget that I have that print in my stash, I like it so I buy another one. Now I am going to Joann's, use my gift card (Thanks Dee) and buy some more red fat quarters (Yes, they still have them, I checked last time I was there.) and some more white/black because I don't have enough any more.

Then I will finsih up my 2" hour glass blocks, bag them together and decide what to use them in. Then I will make my 3" blocks like the intructions clearly state.

I needed another UFO because I only had 28 to begin the year. And maybe, deep down inside my brain, I wanted to make 2 red, black and white quilts. I think I'll buy 5 of those red fat quarters!
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Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Oh, I can sooo sympathize with this!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Oh, I can sypathize, too! I screwed up on purses that I was making for Chrismas presents and didn't realize it until Christmas Eve! Ugh! Good luck!

Mike, Crystal, Peanut, Maemae, Lelou and Corbin said...

Red, black and white? My high school colors!!!!! GO CAVS!!!!

We still love you, your not being perfect is what makes you special. Treat yourself and go watch a show on your giant V1210.

Sue said...

OMG!!! You are not perfect????? My image of you is completely and untterly DESTROYED! My sister made a mistook, and it was a biggun! Love you Sis, glad you found more fabric and am sure your quilts will be faaabbbbulous!!!