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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hey Crystal!

What do you think now? Looks better without all the white squares, don't ya think??? I have three rows put together with several more to do. This will be my project for today. I don't think I will put a border on it. It is just too busy. I have a fabulous black with white flowers in pindots for the backing and I am going to use the red for the binding. I bought extra so I want to use it up.

I think I am going to quilt it with a nice meander. Any design will get lost and I need some instant gratifiacation. I want this quilt to be finished sometime this weekend. I haven't started a quilt project and worked it through to the finish for quite a while. Maybe that will be a good start for this new year.

Time to fill my water cup and get ta work!
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Darling Jill Quilts said...

That looks awesome! I really like it and think it turned out well!

Mike, Crystal, Peanut, Maemae, Lelou and Corbin said...

Hardy har har! It looks very busy but in a good way. Lots better with the white spaces filled in. Get crack-a-lackin and get er done this weekend. ~Crys

Sue said...

Ditto from me!! Lose the white blocks and get er done. Crack-a-lackin.... I love that! I'm gonna start using it! Thanks Crys.