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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Woo Hoo! I Did It!

I think I can use this post to call myself an Over Achiever! Just this once. Then I'm back to my normal ole self.

This photo shows 100 four patches. These are for a swap with my longtime on line group. We are doing a 10 year signature block swap using the hatchet block and these 4 patch blocks will incomplete them nicely. I wasn't going to do the swap. I am trying to get my own things done but I've been with this group since almost the beginning and how could I not participate! Besides, the pictures that someone did in EQ6 look like a pretty awesome quilt. I am such a follower!

So my 4 patches are complete and in the mail to the head swapper. Now I need to finish my hatchet blocks. I have 50 sewn that need signing. I think I will make 100. They need to be complete before September.

The Quiltville mystery quilt is calmly waiting for the next step. I went to town a few days ago and got my replacement fabrics. I got all my hour glass blocks sewn up then started on step 6 which is to make Ohio Star blocks, 16 full size, 16 half size and 4 quarter size. So then I had to be a smarty and start to lay them out. I think this might be the right lay out but I will have to wait and see. Step 7 is supposed to be posted tomorrow. That means I have to get busy tonight. It's a pretty busy looking quilt right now. I don't know if the next step will calm it down or make it harder on the eyes. Either way, I plan to finish it so it can go to my May retreats as a show and tell.

I am cleaning my sewing room again. I worked for a while today putting stuff away and then I decided to to start cutting up the other 2 bags of scraps that have somehow turned into 2 bags and a basket full! I cut strips, squares and some rectangles. Leftovers went into the string basket. I like to make a few string blocks when nothing else will hold my interest. I can get a quilt top done in no time.

What I really want to do is make a doll. Last week at our guild meeting, our guest speaker was elinor peace bailey. She is quite a lady! Now I have the itch to make dolls again. I haven't made a doll in at least 7 years! I think I will trace my pattern tonight. Just to have it ready for when I can "schedule" doll making time into my busy life. HAHAHA!!! Sometimes I make myself laugh out loud.

Edited to say that Bonnie posted Step 7 and yeahaw!, I was right. Ok, I'm done now. I have to put my remaining blocks together and create a masterpiece.

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