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Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Gramma, I Wanna Sew!"

This is what I've heard all morning. If not "Gramma, I wanna sew!", it's been "Gramma, can we sew now???". So after we made pancakes for breakfast, cleaned up our mess, vaccumed, chopped and diced for the crockpot turkey soup, made brownies, roasted hot dogs, we finally got to sew.

I've had this cute teddy bear and watermelon print for years. I've made myself some new pot holders and Miss Taylor wanted to make one for Momma. She did really good. Maybe tomorrow she will make one for Gramma. Or maybe Aunt Jen or Aunt Cryssie.

Now she wants a sewing machine of her very own with all of the things that go with it. Like all the fabric and the needles and the string (thread). But we decided that we will wait until she is a bit older. Until then she can sew with Gramma. I think she needs to down grade a bit and learn on a regular machine. And besides, I think Miss Amanda gets a sewing machine before Miss Taylor does. I think it would be great to have 3 of my Granddaughters sitting around the table sewing up a storm. I see a play date coming on!

In the meantime, Gramma is going to work on her patience. Not everyone gets it the first time they are told. And not everyone wants to sit for hours at a time in front of the sewing machine. Gramma isn't going to do that today either. But I think I'm going to whip me up one of those cute potholders before I put the stuff away.

We are going to give Uggie and the Granddog, Shadow a bath. That should be fun!
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Sue said...

My God but that child has grown! Give her a big squeeze from Auntie Sue. (she could give one to her Gramma for me too)

Been missing my sister, and her blog is a great way to catch up!

Love you,