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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catching Up

I made a promise to myself to post a little more often and every time I think about it, I find something else to do. The past couple weeks have been tough for me. I'm on the up hill side now and I'm seeing daylight and getting some stuff done.

I participated in an online block swap after several years of not playing. We make blocks that represent Washington state. My block for this year made me crazy. I have had this block in my brain for several years (I'll post a picture after the blocks have been sent out.) and I finally drafted it out and made my sample. It's a nine patch but each part is pieced......know what I mean. I couldn't get my blocks to measure 9 1/2" no matter what I did. I pressed, I steamed, I starched and steamed, I swore and pressed some more. They wouldn't budge.

I ended up taking every block apart and starting over. My 1/4" seam was off just a tinsie tiny bit and it threw every thing haywire! There was lots of naughty words and noises coming from my sewing room. After calming myself over and over and talking nice to myself, I finally got my blocks made the right size and sent off. Before the deadline too!!! And I love how they turned out.

I stopped at my favorite quilt shop today to buy some batiks for another swap with the same group and found the perfect border fabric for my Four on the Road quilt. I hope to get those on in the morning and then get it loaded and quilted. I want to have binding on by tomorrow night so I can sit and stitch it down while I watch TV. And have something to show at the retreat I'm going to next weekend.

Today our friend was here at the house doing some Home Improvement Projects. I got my hall lights done--one fixed and a new one added and new kitchen light installed. Tomorrow the new fan goes up in the living room and some electrical work will happen in the bathroom.

Remember hubby isn't a fan of the HIPs. But last Saturday he finally got a sink put in my laundry room/back porch. I only had to wait 20 years but now it's done. Pretty soon I won't have anything left to nag about. Maybe I should start a nag list.......

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Mike, Crystal, Peanut, Maemae, Lelou and Corbin said...

Yeah a nag list is exactly what you need! You see what happened didnt you? You nagged and got your sink, you nagged and got your new appliances, then Ernie said "I'll show that woman" and went and bought himself a brand new LCD TV! Keep nagging, I'm hoping to talk him into either buying me a rifle, or maybe a sports car, I havn't decided which one to push for yet!