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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy July!!!

Holy Cow, when did that happen! Oh yeah, on Sunday. Retire and forget the date.......life is good.

I miss my company from last month but I'm looking forward to my company for this month. Crystal and Elliot went home last week. Jenny, Ashlee, Amanda and Ian will be here in 2 weeks!!! WooHoo! Poor Elliot must have caught a bug on the plane. Now Crystal has it, I have it, Mike is getting it. Ernie refuses to get it. You can see in Elliot's picture that he has the I don't feel good look. Poor baby!

I've been sewing (when I'm not blowing my nose!). I got my pj pants cut out, then took a break to work on this cute little box. I found the fabric on a remnant table and had to have it! I seem to be grabbing alot of orange and yellow fabrics lately. Someone needs a spash of color in her room. I also made my lotto block for Thursdays quilt party at Craft Warehouse. It is so much fun to go to quilt party.

Now if you are afraid of a fat belly and butt, don't look at the next pictures. I had Ernie take pictures so I could see where I needed to make changes on my pattern. I also need to have my online sewing friends look at these and give their advice. I can see alot of my tweeking spots by using this fabric. I can see my pucker and pull lines and see where I needed to do more adjustments. Then I finished them up and wore them to bed last night. My next pair will have a sew on waistband instead of the hurry up and get them done fold over.

I now have another wearable muslin laid out ready to cut. This muslin will be a pair of capri pants out of a pink and purple print floral. That should be attractive, a big ole flower right on my big ole butt. But I am not going to make a trip to town to get some $1 a yard stuff when I have a mountain of fabric right here at home. If nothing else, I will make them into pj capris.

So on the front I cut the crotch curve a little deeper and took a bit more from the inseam. On the back, I also made the crotch curve deeper. I think I will put a couple darts in and add a zipper. That should take care of the waist frinkles.

I also got out my favorite book and looked through it again. If you are a full figured gal, you must have a copy of Rita Farro's book, Life Is Not a Dress Size. It is Rita Farro's Guide to Attitude, Style, and A New You. There is even a special section on sewing your own clothes. Not about fitting, just about the freedom to be your own designer. If you don't own this book, you are missing out on a great feel good about yourself book. I love it and read it often.

Happy Birthday America!!!!
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