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Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Fun Saturday

Did you know there is an event (not just) for guys that is almost like Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show? There is! Its the Great Oregon Steam-Up. This is the 37th year, July 28 & 29, August 4 & 5. 62 acres of heitage powered equipment. It is entirely maintained and operated by volunteers. Lots of eye candy for the menfolk! It is located just west of I-5 exit 263 in Brooks Oregon.

We went yesterday. I enjoyed spending the day with hubby while he drooled over the John Deeres and other old and new tractors. There is also a Caterpillar Museum and its a good thing there is.

We have an old Cat D7. Her name is Charlene. (I figured if he was going to spend so much quality time with her, she had to have a name. She's lived here for so long that now she is considered family.) She needed a new magneto--all I know is that it is something that helps start the pony motor that starts the Cat. We found 2 guys that work on them and then we found Guy 3 that had a brand spanking new one in a box ready for us to take home to Charlene. But......

Guy 3 wanted to be sure it was the right one. We go over to the Cat Museum and right there inside in low light is a cousin to Charlene! Hubby climbs up on him, and there is the magneto with the numbers all dark and tiny. The numbers are angled so you can't see them very well but with sheer determination, the numbers are spotted, the part is listed on Guy 3's product list and Hubby is happy.

Go back to Guy 3 to buy magneto. No, he doesn't take Visa and we have no checks with us and not enough cash. Let's go find a cash machine. And bless the Great Oregon Steam-Up, they have a cash machine right there by the main office. Get the cash, got back to Guy 3, buy the mag, head for home. Good thing too cuz my dogs are barkin and its getting hot outside and I want to quilt.

After we get home, Hubby goes out and talks nice to Charlene. She's been parked for a while and needs a bit of TLC before she fires up and moves some dirt. After a couple hours, I go out to see what is happening and I smell fresh dirt. I now all is well.

Hubby is happy, Charlene is happy and I have to apologize for wanting to call in the scrappers to take her away. I'm sorry Charlene. You can live here forever.

Next weekend is a quilt show at Pomeroy House. I should make Hubby go with me before we go to the family reunion! No, I'll go on Sunday with Sonya.
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