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Sunday, July 29, 2007


This cute little lap quilt has been calling to me for a while. Yes, another project from Quiltville. It's called String-X and makes a nice little dent in the scrap basket. I think I have enough pieces cut for 2 more of this size.

I have been wanting to practice my ruler work on the machine. Oh boy oh boy, I need to continue the practice. The curves in the plain squares--I figured out how to do those really good by the last row!

On the border, I used my circle templates and the information from my video, Longarmed & Fabulous to do a border treatment that included turning the quilt. Good thing it was a small quilt. I almost gave up on it. In the inner border, I did my standard loppies. They are so fun to do.

On the X strips, I just did a wavy back and forth wiggle. It was fun. Lots more fun than the stitch in the ditch with the ruler. When your longarm quilter gives you "the look" when you tell her you want stitch in the ditch, there is a reason for that. Honestly, I don't mind doing it. I know I have to practice that a lot more.

I have a sampler top that I am planning to do lots of stitch in the ditch work and lots of free motion in the background. I am about ready to tackle that one. But it is at the bottom of my to quilt bin so it will wait it's turn. If I'm still in the mood tomorrow, I have another quilt to load on. Either one of mine or the famous BOB quilt--depends on when I get the fabulous thread for that one.

I know, 3 posts in one day. But I had a lot to say.........so until next time.....

PS-Dee & Taylor, this one is for me to keep. Love you.
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