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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quiltville Mystery--Present and Past

The new Quiltville Mystery, Celtic Solstice,  is ready to launch Friday.
 I am so excited.
This is the first time I have strayed from Bonnie's color choices.
Only because I don't want to buy fabric right now.
I know, weird! But I am in use it up mode.
I think I'll dig for some more purples.

Here are my past mysteries.

This one lives with my Sister Sue.
All the others are mine.

2009-Carolina Christmas 
For some reason, I didn't do it. 
I do plan to make it at some point in my life.

My favorite.

2011-Orca Bay
Finally finished last month.

Waiting to be quilted. 


Mary said...

I'm glad you are playing along. We can cheer each other on with our DWM posts the rest of the year. I only have one Bonnie Hunter Mystery completed. You are way ahead of me!

Marei said...

Hey Judy I'm using brown in my mystery, too. Only shopping from stash and I have WAY too much brown. How did that happen? Using red, green & blue for my other colors. Looking forward to watching your progress as the clues are revealed.

Nancy said...

You have an impressive collection of Bonnie's mystery quilts!

pcflamingo said...

Wow! What a great collection of previous Bonnie quilts you have done! I still have to finish Orca Bay :D I'm all set to go on Celtic Solstice but probably won't get started on time because of Christmas sewing. I'm doing it in the "regular" colors because I had buckets of blues and greens on hand and only had to buy a few bits of orange and yellow. Plus with a maiden name like Patty Kelly I figured I should stick with the traditional Irish flag colors!