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Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

Edited at 9:40 am I guessing blogger, Picasa and my dial up aren't getting along today. I tried uploading 2 pictures and they didn't show up. I tried again using blogger but my dial up is a killer for this. So I am going to go on about my day. Maybe later today, I will feel like messing with this but I don't right now.

Saturday--7:50 pm Dear Blogger, I am sorry for being cranky. Maybe you were just having a bad day. Thanks for playing nice today.

I am a happy camper today. It's before 7 AM and I just finished the quilting on my Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt ala Quiltville. I don't know if the instructions are there on the website or not, you will have to explore and see. I say you can't go wrong with a Quiltville design. Even when its a total mess like mine is. I love the black, white and red but after looking at it for a bit, it kind of hurts my eyes.

This is my next UFO project to get done. Its from Ami Simms and is called Twisted Sisters. I don't even know when I started it. I had fun making the blocks and then must have jumped to something else. The dark fabric is a fun floral with butterflies. I am going to make a 3 row sashing for the inside and then use the floral for the outer border. Some little girl will love it. I'd like to make another with each block different--pretty much totally scrappy and happy!

So now I will fill my coffee cup again, eat a piece of toast and make some binding. YaaHoowie! It's a Happy Friday!

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