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Friday, November 22, 2013

Still On The Needles

Still on the needles are the fronts for the Rivel Cardigan!  
I have lost my knitting mojo. 

I don't know where to start looking...
maybe I'll try finding it in the knitting bag. 

I'll pick up the bag, 
open it up, 
take out the needles full of fronts 
and the yarn
 and just hold it. 

Maybe I'll put a needle in each hand
 and make a few moves to see if I can create some stitches.  

This is a sad, sad way to feel.  
Maybe I need to do something about this.
This morning I will knit and 
catch up on 2 episodes of Parenthood.

Yes, that is what I will do!
But first, I'm headed over to Patchwork Times to see other fabulous needle projects.


straythreads said...

good luck with finding your mojo I'm sure its near the remote and you will get lots done today. My best incentive is to have yarn for the next project in sight Hope you get lots done this weekend

Howdy said...

I've lost my quilting MoJo so I do understand... knitting has filled the gap until I get back upstairs to the studio. And knitting and watching TV seems to go well together... after 3 weeks in New England I am way behind on all my shows! Which is why I've gotten a lot of knitting done recently.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

I'm right there with you. I am ready to leave sleeve island and move onto another project but I don't like having a bunch of knitting WIPs. I'm tempted to just cast on a small project, but feel guilty about doing that.

Hope you find your mojo soon so you can get this gorgeous cardigan finished.

Dar said...

I have lots of knitting mojo to share, but not the time right now. Quilts to be quilted are calling my name more loudly! Darn, and I so want to make socks before the snow flies this winter. Your mojo will come back soon. Put those needles in your hands and they will know what to do on their own.

Nancy said...

What you are describing is how I feel about my sewing machine. Despite pending projects, I simply cannot get into the mood to do any sewing.

Judy S. said...

Good luck in your search!

Granny said...

You're funny! If you figure out how to get your knitting mojo back, please tell me because I have lost my sewing mojo.

I really want to see that sweater finished so would you please find your mojo and get it done?? :)