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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Wednesday UFO Report...

...on Thursday...........

Not much has happened to the UFO this week.  It's been such gorgeous weather here finally that most of my time has been spent outside rediscovering those long lost/under used muscles.  I decided this morning to sit down and sew and finish watching The Magic of Belle Isle on Netflix.  Great movie!

I made the final block and then did more sashing strips and 9 patches.  I had forgotten how many more I needed to make so I just made up what I had the fabric cut for already.  Now I know how many more to make. :0)  I can't wait to see how Taylor is going to arrange these blocks.  I'm hoping she will be here this weekend so I can take this to retreat next week and get it all put together.

That's right, retreat!~!~!  I am sooo ready to just hang out and laugh and sew and laugh some more!  Maybe I'll even get a UFO or 2 completed.  No promises.

So now the washer if done, the sheets are going to be hung outside with the quilts that are already out there.  Then I am headed to the garden with seeds.

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Nancy said...

Looking good -- I know you will have a great time at your retreat.