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Friday, May 17, 2013

Wednesday UFO Report on Friday

I am happy to report this is no longer a UFO.  It is now a complete quilt top and will be quilted this summer. Yeah for some serious sit down and sew retreat time.  This was my first project.  I started on it immediately Wednesday and when it was time to sew on the top already cut to size border, it was too short.  Tears..... not really but almost.  When I came home that night, first thing I did was get the chunk of border that was cut off and put it in my purse.

Batik Beauty was finished first thing Thursday morning.  I'm also happy to say I like it now.  What really makes me happy is that it is no longer a UFO.

The next UFO (Go! Stars) on the list is sitting with my purse just in case I have time to work on it this weekend and with the way I'm crossing things off my list, it just might get started.

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Nancy said...

Congratulations on this wonderful finish and for continuing to tackle your UFO list.