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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Retreat Day, Yeah!

Thank you Bonnie Hunter, this is the perfect.  Today I will surround myself with quilters at our annual spring retreat!  Let the Shenanigans begin!!!

My bag and rolling cart are packed.  I have all my tools in the green handled bin, under the frogs is my beloved featherweight with the foot/cord, iron,power strip and my much needed lamp. And some other very important things.  In the bag is my ironing pad and towel, can't live without Kleenex, strips for the swap, cutting mat, greedy gift and Chinese auction item.

I've spent time organizing my projects so I don't pack everything I own. On the left is project 1, the Batik UFO I have been working on-today it will become a finished top!!!  In the pink box is my Carol Doak BOM ready to make into a top.  In the green, a new project with all the flannel cut (strips from previous retreat swaps) and ready to sew. and the blue box holds step 5 of Judy L's mystery, along with 9-- yes 9!, cut and ready to sew Grandmother's Choice blocks (these are projects 2 and 3).

If I run out of things to do, I can always grab something more when I come home to check on things during the day.  I have 2 more projects ready just in case. I love retreating so close to home and being able to sleep in my own bed.  I will miss the shenanigans of the cabin life but I will not miss those Army bunks-I have a hard enough time sleeping in my own bed.  And I must check on my babies.

Don't worry about me, I'll be having fun.


Quilter Kathy said...

Have a fabulous time! I love how organized you are!

Nancy said...

Enjoy every minute that you are there.

Mary said...

Lucky Lucky YOU TO BE SO CLOSE! I didn't mind the Army Bunks. Counting days until my RETREAT in Leavenworth. Gotta get my stuff together. Trundle beds are worse...I have to say. have a great time, Hug Sonja and Kathy for me.

pcflamingo said...

Too funny! For my big retreat that I go to that has been in existence for almost 30 years, they have developed a checklist. It includes things that people have actually forgotten over the years including underwear, the power cord to their sewing machine, a flashlight, a toothbrush, a bottle of wine and other necessities!