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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surprised, Amazed and Inspired

The other day while I was cruising around Blogland, I came across this post at I Like To Quilt Blog. She has some fabulous minis posted and I fell in love with her purple flying geese. So much so that I started playing in EQ7 and created my own mini.

My mini is already in a kit, ready to work on when I get to sit down and sew...which I hope is soon!

Imagine my surprise this morning when I click on to Quiltville and see this post. I love all the photos of the tile work. Then I scroll down and I see Bonnie has created the same block as I did and has started sewing her blocks. Amazing, isn't it!

Of course I had to leave a comment and after a few emails back and forth, Bonnie has given me a couple more sorting ideas for my crumbs and strings....I will be sorting them into neutrals and everything else. I'm not going to dive into the string bins and numerous crumb bins and bags right now but as I am working in a bag, I will pull out the neutrals to keep separate. I already do that with the scraps but not the strings and crumbs. We think that will make our lives a bit less chaotic.

Now I'm inspired to get in that sewing room and get working!!! Thanks Bonnie for making my day!


Annie said...

ooo, that purple flying geese design is going to be really cool! I love picking up organizing ideas from others that will also work for me.

Diane said...

flying geese are a favorite of mine-can't wait for you to show yours all sewn up. that is really crazy that you and Bonnie have the same design going on --too cool.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks beautiful and isn't it funny how so many of us can come up with the same idea!