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Saturday, March 24, 2012

My New Book

It's dangerous for me to buy a new book. Especially a cookbook or in this case the Ball's Complete Book of Home Preserving.

It all started here at Chickens in the Road where Suzanne writes about strawberry lemonade concentrate. I followed the link to the book and in half a heartbeat that book was ordered. It came yesterday and I started looking at pictures.

This morning while being quiet so someone could sleep in, I started reading. I found the strawberry lemonade concentrate on page 192. I marked recipes for ketchups and relishes. I found a recipe for carrot cake jam.....oh my, I think I am going to be busy!

I just looked at the copyright date--2006.....How did I miss this??? No longer matters. I have lots of pages marked, a list made and have lots of ambition. The list for the garden just got longer.

Life is good here on the farm. Speaking of the good life on the farm, we are getting bees in a couple weeks. Ernie is out right now making a nice home for the hives. I better get out there with the camera and the gloves and be a helper bee. More on this later.

Now go order your own book and make your list. :0)


Quilter Kathy said...

I am so jealous of you getting bees...lucky duck!
I just got a new preserves book too from my cousin. Make sure you share any great "must have" recipes!

Sharon T in Napa said...

OH NO!!! I was just enjoying my newest cookbood buy, Back in the Day Bakery, and now you are tempting me with this....reminded me though that I bought a book about small batch canning and preserving and now I can't seem to find it. Thanks for the inspiration to go looking again.
Enjoy your weekend!

Nancy said...

Yes, that is a great canning book. I gave my copy to my nephew and his wife last year as well as my canning jars. In the Fall, I will miss canning.