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Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday

First, let me say how much I dislike the first 5 days of daylight savings time. Thanks, now I feel better about that!

Not much sewing going on around here. With the busy Saturday and babysitting Sunday, the only thing I sewed on with another house block.

I did spend some time making up a few little block kits. There are 4 sections for each block so I pinned some sets together and have some with the fabrics with them for when I want to sew for a few minutes.

This will be another slow week at the sewing machine. I am getting ready to move a bunch of stuff out of that room to do some rearranging and redoing. This has been needed for quite some time and I'm very excited about it.

Go over to Patchwork Times and see Judy's fabulous blocks on her wall and then visit with other fantastic quilters to see what they are up to.


Nancy said...

Your house block is darling.

Good luck rearranging and redoing. I always get side-tracked when I try.

Gari in AL said...

When you get rearranged, come do mine!! And I LOVE daylight savings time: look forward to it from Oct - Feb.

Pokey said...

Watch out, these little homes are addictive! Very cute ~