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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Post Full of Babble

I've been feeling a little out of sorts here lately.  I feel like I've been gone a lot and I want to stay home and sew.  I told Ernie earlier today that I'm staying home this weekend and quilting.  He can go where ever he wants with the dogs.  Not with me.  I think he needs to go back to work.  LOL  But with all the going, I've made pretty good progress on my granny square project.  I have to have a car project and this is prefect.

I've been spending lots of home time knitting.  After finishing my February socks, I quickly rolled that fabulous yarn I won from Judy L into balls for my March socks for the sock challenge.  And what a nightmare that was.  I quickly jumped online and ordered a yarn swift and ball winder from Knit Picks.  Because this yarn is so yummy, I have a feeling I may be owning more of it.  So I am getting prepared.

I started a new to me pattern and wasn't liking it.  It felt very young and I'm not and these socks are mine.  Then my friend posted a picture of her new socks on Facebook and I knew that was to be my pattern.  She told me they are called Dragonfly Socks and I can find the pattern on Ravelry.  I did.  Right here.

I also spent most of Tuesday knitting Leland a new hat.  I gave it to him yesterday and promptly forgot to take a picture of him.  I'll do that next time I see him because he is just adorable and you need to see that.

So for my weekend at home retreat... I made a list at the beginning of the month of a few quilty goals I wanted to accomplish.  I've marked a few off but I'd like to mark off a couple more.  I still need to put the borders on Orca Bay and I need to finish quilting UFO #5, among other things.

Today I have a crockpot full of chili and the other crockpot full of beans--red, pinto and black.  Last Saturday on the Pioneer Woman's Food Network show, she was making chili and I've been thinking of that all week long.  I don't have any cooked beans left in the freezer so today was a good day to remedy that problem.  There is enough chili for several meals.  I love having the freezer stocked with quick and easy.


Mary said...

I watched that Pioneer Women too. I still had to go out and get stuff for my Dinner. Hubby came home with a migraine and needed me to fill his car with gas. Soup is done now and I'm stitching finally! Good luck with your #5 UFO and Orca Bay.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am looking forward to the weekend on your behalf!!
Sounds wonderful!