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Sunday, January 29, 2012

At Home Retreat Day 3

When I went to bed last night, I couldn't sleep thinking of sewing the last 2 pieced borders on Orca Bay.  Finally I was in dreamland, dreaming of quilting fabulous feathers all over Orca Bay on a yacht.  I have some pretty weird dreams.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had been run over by a big ole truck.  My head hurt, my throat hurt, I felt like crap!  So I did what I do best when I don't feel good, I went back to bed!  Then I tossed and turned until I couldn't stand it any more and got up and parked myself in the recliner with my blankie.  I did fix myself a piece of toast and a cup of tea, thinking it might make me feel a little better but it didn't.

So needless to say my third retreat day was a bust.  But not completely.  I worked on my granny squares and made pretty good progress.  Instead of going all willie-nillie, I sorted out my squares and made myself a plan.  I have 8 different squares and need 15 of each.  I marked how many of each I had and am now doing them in sets, like an organized person would do.........what's with that???  So I have 1 set complete, with a second set well on it's way with only 5 left to do before I start round 4 on this set.

Once in a while I would browse Blogland and while doing so I found a new to me blog called Bearpaw.  She sent me on a search of African Flower Hexagons, which lead me to this tutorial.   And then I have to pin all the goodies to my Pinterest and that led to looking here and there and everywhere.  I did make the day go pretty fast.  Well maybe the naps helped too.  I am ready to put on my pjs-it's only 6 pm here-and think about what I might do tomorrow.

Oh My!  Will I ever get all my want to makes made???


LuAnn said...

Love your crochet blocks, and your Orca Bay is just great! There is lots of piecing in this one. Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow.

Quilter Kathy said...

OH dear...I hope you feel better soon. I love those flower hexagons...very beautiful!

Judy D in AZ said...

I hope you are feeling better then you were earlier today.

BUT WHY!!!! would you do that to me? I haven't crocheted in years. Now that I am knitting socks, I have a ll these little balls of yarn left and nothing to use them for. Those african violet hexagons look perfect even though my yarn is not in solids.

This is all your fault. Thanks.