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Saturday, January 28, 2012

At Home Retreat Day 2

I finished my wallet/purse today.  I'm excited to use it.  I'm more excited that I finished something today.  I'd be even more excited if I opened it up and there was a bundle of money stashed in it.   If I make this again, I'll make a couple changes.  Where the card holders are, I would make that into another zippered pocket instead of it being sewed closed.  That part folds up to reveal a checkbook pocket.  I don't carry a checkbook so I'd make that into a deeper pocket that velcros shut.

I got the solid borders on Orca Bay and then put the side pieced borders on.  No problems at all.  I was pressing the top border and all of the sudden I spotted this!  Whoopsie!!  I bet the bottom border looks kind of like this one..........at least it isn't sewn on.  So I will sit with Ernie, find a movie worth watching and unsew.  Then I'm going to knit.

While Ernie was out getting a head start on next winter's firewood, I made a batch of elk jerky out of hamburger.  A friend had told me she makes her's using her dehydrator and this press.  So I picked up a press in town yesterday and made jerky today.  It's pretty darn good and quite easy!  I got out a couple more packages of burger to make more tomorrow because I know this package will disappear fast.


Diane said...

Cool wallet/purse!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh no...all that effort for a perfectly attached border only to be unsewn :( Oh well...the black and white blocks sure look great!