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Friday, January 27, 2012

At Home Retreat Day 1

Retreat Day 1 started with a bang.  I finally got some sleep and it felt so good, I kept right on sleeping.  Then I woke with a jolt remember it was garbage day.  We don't take our cans down at night because of rotten neighbor dogs and rotten neighbor kids and the cans are supposed to be at the road at 6 but I know our guy doesn't get here until just after 8.  My clock said 7:55!!!  So I jumped out of my toasty bed, threw on some clothes and shoes, grabbed my coat and went outside to the freezing cold frosty morning without any coffee!  The truck showed up about 10 minutes later....

After breakfast and all that stuff, I finally went in to the sewing room only to find Mr. Turbo lounging on the quilt hammock that I was going to finish quilting this morning.  Naughty boy!  As you can see, he is not happy.  Just as I was warming the machine, Ernie tells me he is going to a meeting for work so why don't I go ahead and head to town for a Costco run..........ugh!  I haven't had an alone town day for quite a while so I went to JoAnn's to pick up a couple things, went to a different store to pick up some jerky making supplies then off to Costco.  2 stops later and several dollars poorer, I headed home.

The bad part about power shopping like this is I have to unload all that stuff.  And then it has to be put away.  And then someone wants me to fix dinner.  I didn't think to pick up something on the way home.

Finally I get to the sewing room and decided to work on this wallet.  It's going together really good but I'm missing a part and now I need to get out the extra fabric and cut that part.  This pattern is very well written and has little boxes by each step to check off your progress.  I'm finding that quite helpful.

I'm sure Day 2 will be more productive.  Ernie is meeting the buds for breakfast and then spending the day helping out a friend.  I am more than ready for a quiet sewing room day.


Michelle said...

Turn off the phone, lock the doors, and HIDE...and have a wonderful sewing day! Your quilt, and wallet are beautiful!

Mary said...

I hope day 2 turns out much better.

soscrappy said...

Hopefully day two of your retreat will have more sewing and less other stuff

Diane said...

have a great sewing day #2!
I can so relate to getting the garbage out just in the nick of time.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hey...day #1 was WAY too much work!
Hope day #2 is relaxing and full of only sewing tasks!
PS the garbage story made me LOL for real!

Unknown said...

agree turn off the phone, keep the cats near by and have at it. Love the cats!!!!