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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Knitting Report

The front and back of Maemae's sweater is complete. I was ready to cast on the sleeves but I got sidetracked (again!) by hats.

I have a little knitting bag that I keep in my purse with a project of some kind. This time it was a hat for Maemae (aka The Hat Model) and while in the car the other day, I got to the almost finished stage so I decided to finish it. I really wish I would have made it longer but she loves it!

Not wanting the brothers to be left out, I cast on the Thorpe hat (on the right) for Leland. This was done in a couple days. It is a top down pattern-my first and my first time making i cord which is very fun to make. Here's the short video where I learned how to make it. Then on the left is Elliot's hat in progress using my favorite Gotcha Covered pattern. (Here's a great post I just found about the Thorpe hat with some modifications. )

All 3 hats were made using stash yarn.....I think I have enough yarn for 47 more hats! But I think when Elliot's hat and Maemae's sweater are finished, I'm going back to socks......I'm still ignoring my sweater.


Nancy said...

The Thorpe is a fun knit. One of these days, I'll make one for myself instead of a gift.

Great progress on the sweater.

Barb in Mi said...

Love the hats! Never done any myself. Like you I am always ending up at socks, the perfect knitting project.

Judy S. said...

I like that sweater yarn; what is it? I also love MaeMae's hat. What is the yarn on the top of it? The two different yarns make for a great look!