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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Knitting Report


Sorry, didn't mean to yell but really, I am very excited. I finished the sleeves Sunday night and now I am ready to sew my sweater together. And then I can do the collar and the front bands. I need to find some buttons so that side might be put on hold until I go to JoAnn's again. But...I think I might have some in my button stash.......I have buttons from both of my Grandmothers so there might be something super fabulous in those tins.

One night I canned baked beans like Judy L does. Let me tell you, if you are a canner and you haven't made these, you must. You will never buy baked beans in a can again! Again, thanks Judy L for the support while I had my issue-I learned that when you pressure cook, the 3" of water is measured AFTER the jars are in the cooker, not before. But all is good with my beans and they are delicious.

So while I am watching the pressure gauge, I decided to get off the computer and cast on this sweater for Maemae. So far, quite simple and fast but I learned I do not like long stiff knitting needles. I have several sizes of circular needles but not a size 7. You know what is on my list for JoAnn's next time. Yes indeed. Every size of circulars that I don't have........which isn't many. I should just break down and buy that fancy kit with the interchangeable needles but I probably won't.


Linda said...

Wow, your sweater looks great!
I like the new one too...
Some projects I like straight needles and some I like circulars. I learned to knit on straight needles so I favor those. I have the set of interchangeable needles and I'm not real fond of them. My favorite circular needles are Addi Turbos. My friends like Knit Picks needles but I haven't tried them.
What brand of yarn is the new sweater? I don't recognize the ball band.
You can too...I'm impressed.

Nancy said...

Congratulations, you are on the home stretch, and you will be wearing the sweater before you know it.

The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

Your new sweater is coming right along! Wonderful job. I hear you on the long straight needles. They get in the way of my chair arms. For small things like dish cloths, I use the short straight needles. I really do like the yarn you are starting the new sweater with! It looks like you are using more than one yarn, yet does not look like many of the varigated yarns.

Keep up the good work.

Julia said...

how beautiful! I finished the sweater that I was knitting, too. I will show pictures soon. I am very proud of how it turned out. I threw away the first one! Now, I've got to decide which grand this one will fit best and make 6 more?!?

Teaquilts said...

I'm just impressed that you can knit. I can crochet, but with knitting something always goes wrong and it gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller.