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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ugly, The Bad, The Good...

...Or Mind If I Cry???

The Ugly:
I went into our spare room this morning to put some things away. I found a 5 gallon bucket of paint had split open and was all over the floor. Before I thought to take a picture, I cried. I started to clean up the mess with a dust pan, scraping the paint into a box that I had put inside a garbage bag. Then I remembered to take a picture.

The Bad:
I haven't been in this room for over a week, so I have no clue how long it has been this way. I've been going to use this paint to paint my pantry shelves.....oh, I don't know, 2 years ago. I don't know why the bucket split but it did and it's an ugly mess. I walk by this door several times a day.....it's kept shut-we call it the scary room. How could I not smell the paint fumes???

The Good:
We haven't redone the floor in this room yet. It's been a catch all for a long time. This summer I finally got it almost all cleaned out. There isn't too much stuff on the floor where the paint spilled. Just an empty box and a plastic bin full of shirt flannel. Thank goodness it was a plastic bin! No fabric was damaged in the mess.

I bought a steam mop a couple months ago. I am going to use some old towels as my cleaning pads and clean up the rest of the paint. Then I'll have to take a trip the the garbage transfer station to get rid of the paint mess. JoAnn's isn't too far from there---I see a new GO! die in my near future!

Words of Wisdom:
Never, ever store paint in your house.

The Moral of This Story:
Always look for the good. I'm never going to paint the shelves. I get to get rid of the paint. The floor is clean. I get a new die....


fancystitching said...

It appears you have the knack, my friend. You know, that "Make lemonades from lemons" business? Except your is that "Make more GO! shapes from a mess" business... really ingenious of you!!


scraphappy said...

Finding a bright side it that mess isn't easy. Glad you were able to get past the urge to run and hide.

Diane said...

oh my I would cry too! You have such a good attitude (after the cry) Paint is the worst to clean up when it spills.
Definately a new Go! die will help-can't hurt!! :)

Stephanie D said...

Oh, man, what a mess! I'd cry, too--then close the door for about 5 more years.

Anonymous said...

oh no! what a mess! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. Yay for the new GO die though!