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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More GO! Fun

As I was putting some fabric away last night, I decided to see what big scraps were left in my flannel bin. I came across this stack of squares that someone gave me quite a while ago. I planned to make them into a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt but then I had a thought! Scary I know but this is one time in a kabillion that my thought was a good one. I got out my new tumbler die and layed one of those flannel squares on and it fits. OK, it just fits but it fits. So I started carefully laying out the squares in stacks of 3 and turning them into tumblers.

It didn't take long until I had a new idea! What if I sewed some of the strips together and cut them into tumblers too??? Huh? Have I seen this before somewhere?? How funny would that look? Not too funny if there were lots of other scrappy strippy tumblers to go with them. Hmmm, then I remembered!!! Mary made a String Tumbler quilt and posted the instructions here. So it isn't my original idea but I'm still excited about it.

I think by the time I get all of my flannel scraps sewed into strips and hunks, I'll have enough for 2 or 3 small donation quilts.

I have to GO! now, I have a table full of flannel that needs my attention.


scraphappy said...

So fun. Way to GO!

Anonymous said...

Okay you "GO" girls crack me up, you're always "GO'ing" somewhere! What's a Studio gal to do? LOL

Barb in Mi said...

You Go! girl, I am jealous! Yes, I am! And I can see your stash report blowing us all out of the water with all your Go! cutting activities.
Love it!
Will try to add 2 extra quilting lines on my quilt for you - only for you!

Barb in Mi said...

Me - again... have a look:


Granny said...

So glad to see you enjoying the Go!, along with your helper! :)

Mary Johnson said...

Are you going to set these with a solid tumbler alternating? I looked at several options before deciding on my turquoise fabric as an alternate block for my string tumblers.