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Monday, September 06, 2010

Farm Fun on Labor Day

We heat our old house with a wood stove. That means we have to have a very good supply of firewood. With Ernie's job, he is sometimes able to bring home wood chunks. Usually the chunks are brought home, dumped into a pile for a wood cutting day. Then there are the blow down trees and the trees that might blow down that we have right here on the property that need to be taken care of.

Nothing like celebrating Labor Day with some hard labor. Today was a good day to do wood. I filled the crockpot with the makings of taco soup and head outside to help. As Ernie is using the hydraulic wood splitter (no, that is not cheating!), I see him watching something inside the garage. I looked over and Big Momma had flew up onto the woodpile. She's hopping all over the place and all of the sudden a piece of wood falls. She jumped but looked irritated. He wondered how the wood was getting knocked off the pile but thought it was the stray tomcat. No, it was the Big Momma.

When he brought the tractor inside to unload the wood, she started squawking and giving us the what for!!! Silly girl, go lay me an egg! Better yet, get down here and help!

One of my daily reads in Mama Pea's blog, A Home Grown Journal and one day she wrote this post. Talk about woodshed envy!


scraphappy said...

Oh my, that is a lot of wood! Is it enough to get you through the winter?

Anonymous said...

Oh Judy I SO miss having a woodstove, electric heat is the pits!

I drooled with envy over your link, wow that was some wood shed!