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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Finish And A Challenge To Me

I did it, I finished a quilt. Yeah Me! This quilt with it's fun kitty backing is headed to my cat crazy friend Donna. I do kitty care for her 4 babies when they go on short trips. She is going to be so surprised. I can't wait until it gets out of the dryer so I can take it to her this evening.

I just looked it up--I keep a list of my quilting finishes and I haven't finished anything in 2 months!! 2 months! Really? Has it been that long? I looked it up Yes, I blogged about it on July 29th. It was the crumb quilt with the dragonfly borders. I have tops done but there is a gigantic pile of them that need to be quilted so they don't count as finishes.

I'd like to thank Barb at Paint Creek Quilt for posting about her One Thing-One Week Challenge. I made a smartie comment on it about telling her to get off the computer and quilt 2 rows for her and 2 for me. Then she did it! Yeah Barb. I felt like I needed to practice what I preached and went in and got started on this one again. I'm so glad I took my own advice for a change.

Isn't it great that we have such wonderful friends in Blogland??? Now I am challenging myself to get the next one loaded and quilted this week.


Barb in Mi said...

Yeah - you! You go girl! Great finish and that's what (blog) friends are for!
Doesn't it feel good to finish something and then give it away? And in the end: it really is one (or 2) rows at a time ;-)
Now I am off to get some bindings cut...

Anonymous said...

Woohoo a finish is always good, and it's so cute to boot!

scraphappy said...

Yea! I finish. Way to go. Sometimes those last few steps are the hardest to take.