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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rough Morning

I'm feeling a lot like this deconstructed sewing machine that was on display at the Clark County Fair last week. I've caught the quilting bug and I've been quilting up a storm, having my own quiltathon. Last night I had spasms in my lower back that about sent me through the roof.

My friend has these all the time and I don't know how she manages to get through the day. So really, I'm only whining for a bit!! Then I'll suck it up and stop my sniveling.

Ernie has been getting up at 3:OMG30 because of the fire danger in the woods. Normally I can go back to bed and go right back to sleep. But not this morning. After a long night of clock watching and then a short sleep, you'd think I would cuddle right down under the quilt and sleep like a baby. No, I have a quilt that needs the back made and that's all I could think about. So I got up, made coffee, cruised through BlogLand then went in and made the back, cut the batting, loaded the quilt and have one row of a very dense pantograph done.

I'd like to go in now and take a nap but today is Binding Friends day and I need some friend time. The best part of this is my stash report will show fabric out this week.

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