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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Early Morning Soultion

My Memorial Day Quilt top is finished!

Do you ever wake up early in the morning with the perfect solution to your dilemma? I do, quite often in fact. I talked about being 6" short of fabric for this quilt and thinking maybe I needed to go back into town to get more fabric. Well after thinking about it and thinking about it, I came up with the perfect solution to my corner block dilemma.

4am thought: Paper piece the corner blocks and they will come out perfect. That means I have to draw the block and my whites have to line up and I don't know if I can do it~~alarm rings at 4:30..........finally hubby is out the door just after 5 and I sit down at the computer with my coffee.

Check email and facebook, check my morning reads, open EQ5. I can do this, I can draw a block. I can piece my pieces and they will be fine. Whoever receives this quilt will not hate me because it isn't perfect. Breath in, breath out, draw a block.

As you can see, they came out fine. Block on the left with the center strip pieced isn't near as obvious as it appears in the picture. I love this quilt. Thanks Judy L for designing and sharing.

PS: Judy L's new mystery step 1 has been posted. You know what I'm doing next!!!


fancystitching said...

Those star fabrics are just wonderful in this quilt!! It really does look nice, and some wounded soldier will really appreciate your time and effort.


scraphappy said...

What a great solution. Quilters are so good at making do. Your finished quilt if great -- just right for a QOV.

Diane said...

Oh that is a terrific quilt-way to go with a creative corner solution!

have fun in 4th grade again!-remember if a boy hits you, it means he likes you! :) ...that's how it was when I was in 4th grade back in the dark ages!!

Barb in Mi said...

You go, girl! It's beautiful and will surely be very appreciated! Thanks for the encouragement on pieced borders.

Judy S. said...

Good job! Hasn't our weather been weird?