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Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Outside Fun

This morning we went visiting our friends Dick and Donna. Donna loves to garden and has numerous flower beds that she works very hard in.

Just walking around her yard gets me excited to come home and work in mine. I've been working on this corner since I saw this blog post at Stephanie's Scraps. I quickly commented and then followed her link to the tutorial. That led me to call my dad who has a very nice assortment of rebar and I was more than welcome to take some of it. He even cut it for me and since he knows me pretty good, he cut me 2 pieces. I went to town to buy flowerpots and plant and then it started to rain again! I'm pretty much a fair weather gardener so not much got done.

Now I have a grand plan for this section and I have Hubby willing to help with a couple projects. I also must use the other piece of rebar and I think I have the perfect spot for the second tower! My break is over and now I must go back out and plant more flowers and pull up more grass.

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Stephanie D said...

It looks great! When you pound down the rebar a little more, where it can't be seen, it'll be even harder for people to figure out how you did it!

I built a second one, too. They're addicting, aren't they?