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Monday, June 07, 2010

Do You Sew Every Day?

I try but it doesn't always happen. I didn't think it would happen today but the new Moose On The Porch Quilt Along Jelly Roll block was posted this morning. I went in to just cut the pieces. Within 30 minutes, the block was finished.

I love this block! It was fun to be able to use strips from the 1 1/2" bag. So far I've only had to use some of my cream background fabric. Every thing else has been from the bags I got at the sale last year. With only 4 more blocks to make, I think I'll have enough. I should start thinking about sashing and borders.

EQ7 arrived in my mailbox today. Yeah! I can't wait to start playing with it but we have a couple days of sunshine and I'm going to take advantage of it. I had to run into town this morning and visit with my friend for a while this afternoon but I got lots of beans planted and staked and did quite a bit weeding. How come the weeds grow so fast when all we've had is rain??? Tomorrow is more beans, corn, zucchini and cucumbers. Today I wondered how many pints of beans I planted.


Michelle said...

No, I don't sew everyday, but I do something quilty every day - even if it is only reading blogs! I wish I could quilt every day, but somedays, like today, life intrudes. Birthdays to plan, relative coming, laundry. And then there is the glimpse of sun today - I think my garden has floated away! At least the yard got mowed!

Sweet P said...

That is an adorable block.

I don't sew every day, but I do crochet or embroider or do something creative every day.

Diane said...

"Hi my name is Diane and i'm a quiltaholic"
Yep, I sew every day, even if it's just for 1/2 hour. On the few days when I really can't find the time, I'll go by the door to my sewing room and heve to at least go in and look at something or maybe cut a few things..there is always something in progress. And when I'm not sewing/quilting, I'm thinking about it...planning the next fix (he-he)

Wasn'tthat a great block! (jelly roll) I think it's my fave. it was so much fun to make.
I love seeing the blocks in different color ways.

Good for all you gardeners! I planted 6 impatients yesterday! I used to plant 2 flats of annuals but now my perennials have taken control (which was the plan!)
My 2 blueberry bushes are going to have a bumper crop...the birds are starting to circle :)

Julia said...

I don't sew every day, but there are few that I don't do something in the creative realm. With the increase in numbers of grands (2 more by the end of the year - that'll make 7) I don't see me getting out of the sewing room often.

Unknown said...

I WISH I did!! Most days I do quilt (for customers) but I usually only get to sew/quilt for myself about 2-3 days a month... that's a LONG time for my projects to be running through my mind, calling my name while I am working on things for others. And of course it is very easy to start something new because I get distracted while waiting for a sewing day. That explains all the UFOs I have around!


fancystitching said...

OOPS! Sorry Judy, but the previous "Bill" comment was me. My BIL used my computer, and obviously used a Google account. I did not even notice that I was now posting as "Bill"!! Now I know to watch that!


Judy S. said...

Nice block, Judy!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting a few days ago. I finally have some time to catch up.......GREAT BLOG!!!!!

As for sewing every day---I hope to this summer since I have many days open (I teach); the goal that I struggle with is getting into the GARDEN everyday! Once I get on my machine, I have a hard time pulling myself away to get outside!!!

LOVE the Mem. Day Challenge quilt--I passed it by since it was the right in the middle of the final weeks of school for me, but won't completely give up on making it some day.