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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Finish

March Madness continues.

Crystal and I went to the quilt show yesterday and wow, the inspiration I left with. I couldn't get home quick enough--meaning I forgot to run my other errands after leaving Crystal's. I even had a note~~~~

I got home and all I wanted to do was sew. I made the backing for Leland's quilt then hubby came home and for some silly reason he wanted dinner. Hulloooo, I have my mojo going here. So I reluctantly fixed dinner--the best chicken soup I've ever made. After dinner, I loaded the quilt and quilted it. I thought maybe I should spend some time with him....but after just a few minutes, he went to bed. I went back into the sewing room and put the binding on and finished Leland's quilt!

This morning is a sewing morning for me. Then it's date night--NRA banquet. He is such a romantic guy!!! Would I be considered rude if I took my knitting with me? I'm going to, they have a speaker---gosh what if I get bored and fall asleep and then fall off my chair.......I'm going to knit!


Pokey said...

This is too funny, Judy! I can sympathize with all of it, forget shopping, let's quilt! And please, take your knitting, Honey will just be glad you are there, and not falling off your chair. If he gives you a funny look while you pull out the needles, just give him the smile that says, I know, I love you, too!
It'll throw him off LOL
:-} pokey
BTW, my Larry would LOVE this cowboy themed quilt, cute!!

Mrs Quilty said...

Hilarious! Love all the sewing you accomplished! Doesn't it feel good and give you license to buy more too! That's so great! Love that you take your knitting with you...how else would you get things done??? Have fun!

Mary Johnson said...

You sound like me, I'm heading down to the longarm room tonight when Keith goes to bed.

Quilter Kathy said...

LOL! You are so funny...you sound like me with figuring out how to scam more quilting time!