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Monday, March 08, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This is all that is on my design wall today. I put it there yesterday when I wanted to start another project. I have enough projects started right now and I want to get them done!

I have put away the bins of strings and crumbs. I have put the blocks in the bin with the 6" string blocks and other 6" blocks. I have a stack of quilts that I want to quilt and I have my leader/ender project that is organized with blocks made into rows and counted, 1/4 blocks made with the total of how many and how many more need to be made. When I get the urge to sit and sew for a minute or 5, I can put rows together.

My boxy stars quilt needs the binding sewn on, Leland's cowboy quilt needs the backing sewn so I can get it quilted this week. I have a stack of quilts that need backings made for them and I have a baby shower gift to make. It's not like I run out of projects to work on, I run out of focus to work on them.

Then, while minding my own business and traveling from Judy L's blog looking what other's have on their design wall, I find my friend Diane has been working on an Easter stitchery. And now I will be working on one today. I actually was thinking about making an Easter wall hanging and this one is perfect. She found it here.

I'll start that focus project tomorrow!


Kathie said...

Your note gave me a good laugh this morning. There are lots of times I wish I would focus more.

kathie L.

Quilter Kathy said...

That was great! Thanks for the smile!
I'm going to look at that word for a few minutes and see if it prevents me from being so ADD with my quilting!

Anonymous said...

I need to borrow that sign! :-( I have QADD something terrible!

Judy S. said...

Me, too! Maybe you could make a few more?

Jamie Janow Elfert said...

I see a "Block of the Month" in the works! You go girl!
Jamie in Louisiana

Mary Johnson said...

I haven't put the design wall back up (I took it down for the boys visit) so that's a deterrent for me which is good because I really want to start a new quilt but have too much other stuff this month.....maybe if I get the other wedding quilt done I'll let myself start one.

Diane said...

I am innocent...on this one anyway! :)
Looks like you have a good list of priorities...focus. But first you should make us all one of those signs...(wink)