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Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I am having a heck of a time with the backing for the deer quilt! It's just me, I think I still have Yuckiness brain or Nyquil brain or OMG my focus has slipped!!! Yip, that's it, my focus has slipped!

Here's the sad, pitiful story! I wanted to use up the last of the deer panels in the backing. So I framed it up to make it 12 1/2". Then I had the little rail blocks left over so I used them to frame up a couple of the bigger leftover chunks of the small deer print. Then I remembered I had cut pieces off another big print so I got those and framed them to size. I laid them all out, carefully calculating to get my filler pieces the right size so my length measured 88". Then I start to sew my block strip to my big piece of fabric, get almost halfway sewn and smack myself right in the middle of the forehead!

I forgot all about my extra fabric needed for the longarm and my careful calculations were now a waste of somewhat good brain matter. I took the block strip off, laid everything out on the bed, laid the top centered against the block strip and mark which pieces have to be moved where. Got that all sewn together and notice the bottom piece on the block strip has a seam was just about where the bottom of the quilt will hit it. So out comes the seam ripper and off comes the bottom 2 pieces. Directional fabric means I have to take the those 2 pieces apart and switch them to keep the seam away from the binding. I was done for the night and this is how I left the back so I will remember this morning how to fix it.

Send me positive vibes, I still have 2 more pieces of fabric to sew together for the final strip of the backing. I think I am getting out the tape measure again just to triple check the numbers. My seam ripper is tired!

Head over to Judy L's to see what others are working on. I love Mondays!


Diane said...

good vibes....good vibes....
I'm feeling your "backing" pains augggghh! Today you will be perfect...good vibes.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, I would have given up long ago! Way to go sticking with it. I am working on a scrappy backing too but I am just making long strips of scraps...nothing this difficult!

Judy S. said...

Hope you're back to normal, Judy!

Barb in Mi said...

More good vibes on the way to you ... you can do it!!

Ivani said...

oh my! Good vibes from Brazil on your way!