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Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Few Minutes A Day

Since September is National Sewing Month, I decided it was time for me get sewing again. Just a few minutes a day makes me feel good and I can get a lot done after a while. 2 finishes this month makes be pretty happy. And it's only the 5th. I can only imagine what I can do if I keep up this pace. But who am I kidding??? I know me.

One day while cruising through blogland, I found the cutest wall hanging. I follwed the link to Jenny of ELEFANTZ. Jenny has offered this stitchery free on her blog (link to it on her side bar) and I have seen it on several blogs. I haven't done embroidery for a while and I was ready for a tv time project.

Once I got started, it went pretty fast. A few stitches (or more) each evening and the blocks were finished. I already knew I was going to change up the borders and yesterday I started the borders. After stitching the pieced borders across the top and bottom, I took them off. This morning I added 2 background strips and then the pieced borders. I was very happy with that. I got out the backing fabric, batting and pin basted it. I started stitch in the ditch and all of the sudden, I was ready to add binding. I had planned to stitch the binding down tonight while in front of the tv but couldn't wait to get it finished.

The border pieces were leftovers from Ashlee's quilt that was finished in March. There are still a few pieces left and they will become another project and anything after that goes into the scrap basket. Now I must go dust my Party Lite houses and shelf. I probably should have done that before taking the picture. Embarrassed!!! But gee, I have sewing to do.


Sharon T in Napa said...

well done!!! I do love picking up some embroidery to do while watching TV. Thanks for the reminder. And for the nudge to spend a bit of time each day in my sewing room.

Judy S. said...

Very cute, Judy. I like what you did with the borders, too.

Mike, Crystal, Peanut, Maemae, Lelou and Corbin said...

Like how the borders are just as wonky as the houses are. Looks cute and who are you kidding about dusting. We all know it's probably not gonna happen. Wonder where I get that from? Hahaha ~C

Cherold said...

Love this wall hanging! I actually got into my sewing room yesterday and finished a charity quilt and made binding for a UFO that just came back from Deana. First time I've sewn in awhile!!

Loves To Quilt said...

Love your wallhanging!!!!! Great job and nice work. I enjoy sitting with needle and thread in hand in the evenings and do redwork or hand quilt. It is just so relaxing.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

oh how cute! you are on a roll here. nicely done.